BTRS Coin is the official token of Bitrus Exchange

· Network: ERC-20
· Total Supply: 226,000,000
· Token Sale: 80,000,000
· Soft Cap: NA
· Payment Method: BTC,ETH,LTC,NEO,ETC
· ICO START: 18th October 2018
· ICO END: 30th March 2019
· ICO PRICE RANGES: $0.06/0.08 ¢

BTS Coin will be one of the many cryptocurrencies you can find in our exchange. Through the use of our currency you will access to various benefits that will help you succeed in your trades:


The main advantage is up to
50% off commissions while trading.

Option of liquidating Bitrus Coin by fiat both in
Mexico and Canada at first instance
(Our expansion plan will bring more FIAT markets).

Governance Rights 
· Voting Future Listings
· Voting on tournament dynamics

Convert small balances to BTRS Token
·  Increases demand for Exchange Token
·  Referrals trading commissions creates untradeable amounts

BTRS Repurchase & burn plan

Each quarter, we will use a
certain percentage of our profit for the repurchase & burn of BTRS, until we
burn the total amount of tokens held by the team. The repurchase will be
registered in the Blockchain to assure transparency. All the information will
be available to users. 

Through this strategy we will strengthen the value of our currency, which will result in a greater benefit for you.